Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oracle Consulting Service - Oracle Reports to BI Publisher Migration (Conversion)

Before going to the ‘Actuate to BI Publisher Conversion’ topic, I would like to introduce our consulting services prepared specifically to the ‘Oracle Reports to BI Publisher Migration (Conversion)’.

There are two types of the services. One is, ‘Complete Migration Service’, which is to provide a service to convert the entire existing Oracle Reports base reports to BI Publisher base reports. With this service we will provide a full conversion service to enable organizations to reduce administrative, maintenance, and development cost, and to empower business users with the benefit of the new reporting architecture by delivering a complete reports migration available in the EBS instance with our best practice approach and reports migration methodology we have developed in Oracle consulting. This service will provide a full reports migration/development life cycle starting from developing project objectives/project plan and ending with end users training/documentation/production support.

Another is, ‘Reports Migration Accelerator for EBS’, which is to assist organizations to understand the migration process and set up an optimized plan to execute with enough skill sets by reviewing the existing reports and the business/technical requirements and providing hands-on base training with a selected number of actual reports within the organization’s instance.

And of course these are packaged services but can be customizable to suite to each organization’s requirements.

Here are the data sheets for the both services, please download if you would be interested in, and feel free to contact me at

Ok, that’s it for the advertisement! And I will start Actuate to BI Publisher reports conversion from tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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  1. hi Nishida,
    we have a requirement to migrate the complex siebel reports to OBi publisher. my doubt is the report which need to be migrated had huge siebel scripting .can we implement the same logic using this oracle BI publisher desktop.If so can we achieve it by modifying the RTF templete in Templete builder or we need build the logic in the OBI tool to achieve the same logic .
    it would be great help if u can explain it.

    Thanking you,