Thursday, August 13, 2009

BI Publisher Reports Conversion

So, we are back after almost 2 months long break! :) We were working on many other BIEE/BI Publisher projects and realized it’s already August! hence haven’t updated this blog for that long…

Anyway, back to the subject, today I’m going to talk about the BI Publisher reports conversion. As most of you have already known, BI Publisher is a Oracle’s strategic Fusion Apps reporting platform. We had many different reporting technology such as Oracle Reports for Oracle E-Business Suite, Crystal Reports for PeopleSoft, Actuate for Siebel, etc, but Oracle had decided to use BI Publisher as a standard reporting platform and have converted each application’s reporting architecture to BI Publisher based architecture.

BI Publisher is tightly integrated in each application and offer UI pages to create, manage, and generate reports sourcing data out from the application transaction system. If you’re interested further here is a link for more information.

Also, Oracle has already converted the pre-seeded reports from the old technology base to new BI Publisher base reports so you can see many of the reports being provided with BI Publisher reports templates (RTF Template) and can generate them with the new reporting architecture.

Now, you can start developing new reports with BI Publisher’s RTF Template and Data Template (Data Template is only available for EBS) upload them to the application. But how about the existing reports that you have already developed with the old reporting platform ? Depends on how long you have your application and your specific situation but most likely there should be numbers of existing reports already and obviously you don’t want to keep two types of reports with two different reporting platforms.

And here comes the BI Publisher reports conversion. I will talk about this topic over the next couple of days to cover the following types.

  • Oracle Reports to BI Publisher for E-Business Suite
  • Actuate Reports to BI Publisher for Siebel
  • Crystal Reports to BI Publisher for PeopleSoft

So stay tuned!

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