Tuesday, April 28, 2009

JNDI Connection for WebLogic Server

I have already talked about how to create the JNDI data source for OC4J and how to use it in BI Publisher. The same configuration for the OC4J can be also applied to Oracle Application Server. But how about Oracle WebLogic Server?

Today I’ll talk about how to create a database connection pool and register with JNDI on WebLogic Server.

JDBC Data Source with JNDI Creation on WebLogic Server

Here is a list of steps to create the JDBC/JNDI data source.

1. Login to WebLogic Server Administrative Console


2. Click ‘JDBC’ link within ‘Domain Configuration’ section


3. Click ‘New’ button


4. Type the data source name

5. Type JNDI Name

6. Select Database type

7. Select Database Driver


8. Click ‘Next’ button

9. Leave all the parameters as they are and click ‘Next’ button

10. Type Database Name (SID)

11. Type Database Hostname

12. Type Database Port

13. Type Database Username/Password


14. Click ‘Next’ button

15. Click ‘Test Configuration’ button to test the database connection

16. Note: Make sure you get ‘Connection test succeeded’ message.


17. Click ‘Next’ button

18. Select ‘AdminServer’ checkbox and click ‘Finish’ button


Once you get a message below your JNDI data source is now created at the WebLogic server.


At this point you should have a working JNDI data source on the WebLogic server so you can register it in BI Publisher as shown in the yesterday’s post, Register JNDI Connection in BI Publisher, and start using it!

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