Monday, November 16, 2009

Query is cancelled with BI EE, Why?

Have you ever had a situation where your BI Publisher report, which is using BI Answers as the data source, is returning no result with a message ‘The query was cancelled.’ after around 5 mins?

One of our top BIEE/BI Publisher consultant, Sandeep Bade, encountered this issue at one of his projects and found out why and the solution.

There is a BI Presentation property called, UnaccessedRunningTimeoutMinutes, which controls the time BI server allows the query to run when there is no user interaction. The default value is set to 5 mins and this is why the BI Publisher report querying against BI Server gets cancelled automatically when the query is taking more than 5 mins.

You can set this value to more than 5 mins and restart the BI Presentation Server, now your long running BI Publisher reports should return you the result!

You can add the following line in the instanceconfig.xml and change the value.



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